Digital Champions

Digital Champions

We are very proud to announce that members of our team recently became Digital Champions. Please see below information from the Alzheimers society which tells you how Technology can support those living with Dementia and their families 🌈

There are many different technologies that can help you in your everyday life. This includes assistive technology designed to help with problems related to dementia as well as general technology that may be useful, such as apps for smartphones and tablet devices.

There is more information below about technology that can help with:

memory problems and daily activities
keeping safe
socialising and doing things you enjoy
safer walking.
You may not need some of this technology now, but it can be helpful to know what’s available and what may help in the future. You may also find some technology helps with more than one thing. For example, automatic lights may be helpful if you get up in the night, but they can also save electricity, as they can turn off if they don’t sense movement for a set time.

Many people with dementia find that introducing and using technology as early as possible helps them to get used to it and means they can use it for longer.

For more information on technology to help you speak to your local social services, an occupational therapist or independent living centre, who can provide more information and advice on what is available locally.”

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